Beacon Recycle Industries Limited has stood up with the commitment of producing quality Recycle Plastic Flakes (Chips) manufacturer recycling mainly Plastic items by incorporating at RJSC & Firms in December, 2014. Considering the growing demand of the global market and the opportunity of utilization of the local resources the BEACON has taken the initiative to establish with state of the art technology and its capacity building set up in Sreemongal, Moulavibazar, Bangladesh over 63.00 Decimal land owned by it's Managing Director, Mr. Rajib Deb having a plan set up a Plastic Recycle Factory over floor space of around 11,000 sft where 6,000 sft as production plant, 2000 sft to be used as Office Spaces Warehouse, Labor Shed and around 3000 sft space as Dump Yard with an option of around 5500 sft further expansion. The Corporate Office of the Company is at Kakrail, Dhaka. The Company have 03 (Three) directors where Mr. Niranjan Kumar Deb is the Chairman, Mr. Rajib Deb is the Managing Director & Ms. Jhuma Rani Deb is the Director of this Company.

Unique Feature:

Flakes (Plastic Chips) that Beacon Recycle Industries Ltd. is going to produce & export will washed/cleaned by both Cold & Hot water. Whereas, the competitors exports Flacks with Cold Wash only needs further Hot Wash before use for finished production. But, the Flacks that is going to produce at BEACON, will be readily used. That is why, Value Addition & Profit Margin of this Project is over high and produce quality Flacks.

Products Details:

PET, Flacks (Chips) produces from Recycle Plastic/PET, PP, PVC, HDEP after both Cold & Hot Wash.

Raw Materials Sourcing:

Major Raw materials are waste & used plastic PET from different parts of the Country. A Supply Chain system will be development under which BEACON will collect Plastic Waste as Raw Materials from almost every District, City Corporation Areas and Major Cities in Bangladesh. The Company will deploy the Agent to all these places and sometimes will give advance Payment for supplying the Plastic Waste as Raw Materials to the Company.

Proposed Setup:

Presently, the Company have a Plan to establish a Plant having Capacity of 1500 K.g/ Hour with a Hot Water Washing Line (Fiber Grade Washing Line).