Greeting from Beacon Recycle Industries Ltd.

Water bottles are made of completely recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics, but PETs don't biodegrade they photodegrade, which means they break down into smaller fragments over time. Those fragments absorb toxins that pollute our waterways, contaminate our soil, and sicken animals (which we then eat). Plastic trash also absorbs organic pollutants like BPA and PCBs.

According to the Ocean Conservatory, plastic bottles and plastic bags are the most prevalent form of pollution found on our beaches and in our oceans -- every square mile of the ocean has over 46,000 pieces of floating plastic in it. Ten percent of the plastic manufactured worldwide ends up in the ocean, the majority of that settling on the ocean floor where it will never degrade.

With an aim to save the earth and environment, BEACON will collect Plastic Waste as Raw Materials from every parts of Bangladesh. The Company will deploy the agent all over the country for supplying Plastic Waste as Raw Materials. After collecting the same BEACON will process it and produce new product from waste plastic.