Project under Green Finance:

Bangladesh Government through Central Bank had shown their keen interest in Financing in Environment Friendly Project. Beacon Recycle Industries Ltd. is contributing in a greater way to the nature through recycling the plastic items which is not degradable by nature even after more than 450 years. This is why, financing of BEACON will get highest priority of getting Credit Facility under Green Financing Scheme with lower Interest Rate for it's contribution to the environment. Meanwhile, Bangladesh Bank has developed ad circulated Policy Guideline for facilitation these types of environment friendly project. By the endeavor of the Government, companies like BEACON will be able to serve the nation in greater way in future by re-using, re-cycling and help re-producing plastic products.

Priority Export Sector of BB:

For promoting Export Sector, Bangladesh Bank has decided to give Cash Incentive/Cash Subsidy for 10.00% in exporting Pet Bottle Flecks items (Ref: F.E Circular-08, dt-13.07.15). As Plastic Recycling Sector is an Environment friendly project and selected as the Priority Sector by the Government of Bangladesh, this cash subsidy/incentive for the exporters of Plastic Pet Bottle Flecks will be provided this facility up to June, 2016 and will may continue.