Effects of Waste Plastic Bottle PETS
Plastic is certainly a superhero when it comes to making life more convenient. It can be made into dishes and eating utensils that you never have to wash.             Read More....
Main Application of RPET Flakes
Good barrier properties of RPET makes it become the main packaging material of all kinds of drinks, fruit juice, dairy products, tea drinks, mineral water and other food and beverage.     Read More....
Social awareness to save the planet
Biodegrading of a PET bottle in landfill takes 450 years. Waste Pets are damage the fertility of land. We are working for keeping COOL OUR PLANET.            Read More....


- Managing waste to protect   environment.
- Assure quality products.
- Abide by laws and regulations   applied for production.
- Improve the effectiveness of Quality   Management & review the   achievements.
- Improve the performance by making   and achieving quality objects.


- Cost effective production.
- Availability of Raw Materials.
- Commitment to achieve the goal.


1. Management: We want to attend highest level of competence through continuous development of professional management system in all aspects.

2. Goal: We will continue to build this great company by creating a strong sense of belonging almost all our staff through passion, commitment, drive and determination.

3. Activities: We aim to deliver our performance in excellence through our actives to satisfy our customers' and again their confidence.

4. Excellence: We will never compromise our quality and always keep trying to offer the best for our customers'.